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I love shooting portraits. It’s great to work so closely with people and I enjoy trying to find new ways of shooting interesting images. I’m equally as happy in the studio as on location, and have access to studio space where more clinical work is required. I use a lot of technical flash equipment to add drama to my work, but I’m also a fan of using carefully shaped natural light.


This is a selection of more technical photography. I can shoot most things from Interiors to macro work with technical proficiency. Soon to be updated.


I am a confident, positive individual and I pride myself on creating a stress-free environment which lets people relax and be themselves when I’m about. My personality helps keep the pressure off, which ultimately helps produces better images.


Feel, vibe, atmosphere and form before technicality…! This is a brief tour of things which work for me.


Sport is a big part of my life, and represents much more than just a hobby to me. I play a lot of different sports but my main interests are surfing, snowboarding and kitesurfing. I travel a lot and so pick images up from all over the place. Additionally, check out for more of my sports work.


Please email me if you’re interested in prints of any of these images. I usually print things on the highest quality digital C Type or metallic papers so that you get something which will last you a lifetime.


This collection of images is intended to illustrate the kind of thing I shoot at events. Events are hard things to price for as all are unique but please get in touch if you are looking for a photographer. I do traditional reportage at events as well as offering higher quality studio grade photos depending on what is required.

HD Video

Im working with several video specialists at the minute and having just bought new cameras that shoot HD video I fully intend to use them to try and capture a little of what I do. More to come soon.