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HD Video

Being good with photography requires that you understand how light behaves. This means that you instantly have a skill set which can be transferred to video production. I started working in video soon after i began working professionally as a photographer and have progressed through being a lighting supervisor to running my own shoots. I've worked on lots of different projects and have undertaken commercial work for Sage, Johnson & Johnson and an assortment of other similar clients. Here's an example of one of my commercial jobs with Sage:

I undertake solo work as well as frequently being a freelance camera operator/ sound engineer and or lighting consultant.

I'm always working on self motivated projects, and always look to produce content based around things i feel passionate about, like music and sports.
My strengths in music are that i have an HND in sound engineering which means i can being a lot of technical understanding to any shoot, and that was the case with guitarist Eric Bibb and saxophonist Neil Perry. Eric's album "Bookers Guitar"
was voted the best blues album of 2010. Here is a sneak preview of the video i co produced
with my partner for all things video In House Films. I was running sound on the day and shot
the still images, here is the video which includes a cameo by me at the start....:

Shooting using Canon 5d MK2, 5d MK3 & Canon 7D cameras allows me to bring a very high quality aesthetic to the projects i undertake, but my diverse background means that i'm a useful person to have around on any shoot. My equipment is also available for hire, but it is often best to actually hire me at my basic day rate at which point i come with a willing pair of hands and bring all of my kit, which includes (amongst numerous other pieces of kit):

Canon 5dmk2
Canon 5dmk3
Canon 7D

Lenses/ Glass:

Canon EF 15mm Fisheye
Canon EF 16-35 F2.8 L
Canon EF 24-105 F4 IS L
Canon EF 70-200 F2.8 IS v2 L
Canon EF 50mm F1.2 L
Canon EF 50mm F1.8
Canon EF 400mm F4 DO L

Carl Zeiss Distagon 50 F4 (Hasselblad mount)
Carl Zeiss Planar 85 F2.8 (Hasselblad mount)
Carl Zeiss Sonnar F4 150 (Hasselblad mount)
Hasselblad to Canon mount converter

Lee Filters Soft & hard ND grads (.3 .6 .9 in both)
Lightcraft Workshop Fader ND
Lightcraft Workshop 9 stop ND
Hoya Pro polarisers in 72/77mm
Zacuto Z- Finder loupe


Yamaha 01V96i mixing desk (and Yamaha 01v standard desk)
Roland R26 audio recorder
Neumann TLM103 condenser mic
Rode NT2 Condenser mic
Sennheiser shotgun microphones x 2 with pro wind socks
Sennheiser wireless lapel mics x 2
Sennheiser SP25 headphones

Stands & grip:
Manfrotto tripod & monopod plus various heads including fluid head, gimbal head, standard head, ball head.
Manfrotto magic arms x 3 and various clamps.
DSLR shoulder mount with various connection options for screens etc

Various reflectors & skrims/ california sunbounce.