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Package One

The standard package is me as a sole photographer. I shoot around about 1000 photos during the day, from getting ready in the morning right up till the end of the First dance. I provide you with a DVD featuring all the shots from the day at high resolution, so you can print whatever you like. This differs from most photographers who usually charge for prints. I can also provide a picture slideshow CD disk set to music of your choice if required. Prices start from £500 to £900 depending on how long i am required to be at the event.

James Cummings Photography wedding package 2

Package Two

The next level, and by far the most popular package is for me and a second photographer, but also includes me designing the layout of a picture book which is a modern twist on the classic wedding album. I use a company called Blurb Books and can provide any of the products they supply, but the most popular with previous clients has been the 13"x 11" large landscape hard back book. You get the option of 2 books at cost price from Blurb (so one for yourselves and maybe one to pass around the family, or one to show and one to keep in a safe place), and the book is then made available online for other people to order at a premium of £50 over cost- this helps to offset the time costs associated with producing the designs.

Having a second photographer there raises the quality achievable in a single day for several reasons. Firstly, it allows for the photos to be more of a story, as I will be with the bride while the other photographer will be with the groom in the morning. Secondly, I allows for more diversity in the end product. I shoot the up close paparazzi style photos whilst the other photographer wanders around in the background capturing candid shots of the guests enjoying the day. Additionally, I use technical flash equipment which is not attached to the camera a lot of the time. This means the assistant can move lighting around while shots are set up and help save a little time.

The end result is that you get very high production value photographs in two different styles featuring the story from both the bride & grooms perspective. I then spend a couple of days (while you’re on your honeymoon) using both sets of photos to make a compelling large format hard back story book of the entire day, full of the nuances of both you and your guests. You also get a DVD with all the images ready for print, including a selection of images in Black & White if required. A DVD with a slideshow set to music of your choice is another optional extra which previous clinets have enjoyed. There's an example of this on the dedicated package 2 page, you'll need quicktime to view it.

I can tailor this package to suit individual cases as the experience of shooting a few weddings tells me that no two are alike!

Prices start from around £800- £1200 but bear in mind that this does NOT include the cost of the books themselves, which usually come in around £100- £150 depending on page count, book size & postage.

Click HERE to get a feel for the size of these books, & below is a preview showing a few layouts:

James Cummings Photography wedding package 3

Package Three

Wedding photography is a very subjective thing. By this, I mean you can have the most beautiful photograph of the bride and groom in the most stunning location on earth, featuring shooting stars, volcanoes erupting, a rainbow in the background (sometimes I have actually managed to get one of these….!!), a pair of white doves flying through the shot and a unicorn grazing in the green pastures of Eden to the side…… But that might not really mean much to you and your partner in 50 years time. Friends. Emotion. Dancing badly. Making a fool out of yourself. Organising a singalong. Having the gathering wear fancy dress. Falling over. These are things which make for memorable photos. The kind of thing that you want to keep getting out time and time again over the years.
Package three is designed around getting the most out of the random things that happen at weddings. It features all of the things you get in package two but adds a fully featured profesisonally cut DVD video production to the equation. Not wanting to sell myself short, but there is no substitute for video. Even the most eccentric of technophobes will have noticed the extraordinary surge in popularity of websites such as Youtube over recent years, and put simply, seeing your friends and family talking about the experience of being at your wedding offers something still images simply can not.

I co- produce these DVDs with Newcastle based In House Films who come and shoot the day alongside myself and my assistant. All three people shoot video during the day at some point, but obviously the main photographer concentrates on still images whereas the main videopgrapher exclusively shoots video and informal (and mostly hillarious) interviews with key members of the cast. Thanks to the evolution of modern digital SLR cameras it is now possible to shoot video on SLR photography cameras, therefore with three people contributing to the final product you get an amazing spread of coverage from your day, which when edited together transforms the many different viewpoints into a fabulous record of the day, and often includes things which you would never have been able to witness personally, therefore enriching the experience and memory of the big day.

Of course, there are many different factors involved in this kind of an operation, from times on the day to the scale of the output you require, therefore its POA.

In addition to simply photographing Weddings I also offer several other services. I have contacts with a wide array of people like musicians, caterers, marquee suppliers and other entertainers who can bring something extra to your day. All the details of this can be found at but one of the main things I can offer is myself as a DJ (complete with decks, massive soundsystem and lights where required).

This leads me on to:

DJ & Photographer...the afterparty!

If you’re considering what benefit there might be to having a photographer there later in the evening, check out the “after party” section….