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DJ & Photographer The Afterparty

Wedding photography is a very subjective thing. By this, I mean you can have the most beautiful photograph of the bride and groom in the most stunning location on earth, featuring shooting stars, volcanoes erupting, a rainbow in the background (sometimes I have actually managed to get one of these….!!), a pair of white doves flying through the shot and a unicorn grazing in the green pastures of Eden to the side…… But that might not really mean much to you and your partner in 50 years time.

In addition to simply photographing Weddings I also offer several other services. I have contacts with a wide array of people like musicians, caterers, marquee suppliers and other entertainers who can bring something extra to your day. All the details of this can be found at but one of the main things I can offer is myself as a DJ (complete with decks, massive soundsystem, wireless microphones for speeches and flashy disco lights where required). I am also available to simply DJ at weddings, so get in touch if thats what you're after.

Why would I want the photographer to DJ at my event? A good question, here is a demo mix & an explanation.

James Cummings Photography wedding afterparty photo

Most wedding photographers leave after the first dance, usually around 8:30pm. As seen above in these sample pages from a recent wedding book, the first dance is usually conducted by a semi sober bride and groom in front of a mix of even more sober people, half of whom have just arrived. It is therefore sometimes not the best showcase of the dancing skills of the bride and groom, or the most vibrant and intimate time of the night.

Afterparty shot 2

Friends. Emotion. Dancing badly. Making a fool out of yourself. Organising a singalong. Having the gathering wear fancy dress. Falling over. These are things which make for memorable photos. The kind of thing that you want to keep getting out time and time again over the years. It is usually around 10pm through till midnight that these fabulous things start to happen.

Sample wedding dancefloor shots

I’ve been DJing professionally since I was about 17, which means more than a decade has passed while I’ve been playing tunes to dancefloors. DJing is a skill which is pretty well engrained in me now, and that means I have the time to wander about and shoot informal photos in between mixes. Most importantly, if I’m still at the party at 1 am then I get to see certain things which other wedding photographers simply never see…..! I also feel that having built a rapport with the party during the day whilst taking pictures it is actually a benefit to have a familiar face run the dancefloor- people are happier to dance harder with someone they feel they know!

Enthusiastic Dancers

I can supply soundsytems for events catering for 50 to 1000 people. I am also an experienced live sound engineer and as such i can also help to integrate live performances into the evening entertainments as required- often bands bring another soundsystem to play their music through but if i am involved then a band can often use my equipment which saves on them loading in and out their own gear. This, in turn, can sometimes allow bands to be a little less expensive & removes a little disruption from the programme.

As a DJ I play a mixture of jazz, funk, soul, disco, reggae, classic house music, motown and a little sprinkling of credible popular music. I generally dont play modern chart music, but if thats what you want to hear then all you need to do is burn a CD with your favourite tracks on it and i will work them in to my set. My style as a DJ is well refined, and works well for all age groups. I generally don't use a microphone but am more than happy to do so if requested and have several wireless microphones which can be used by ushers if required.

Here's a rough price guide:
to DJ alongside any one of the three photography packages: £275
to DJ alongside another photographer (ie not be photographer on the day but arrive at night to DJ) starting at £350.
to DJ and also photograph the evening and present the files on DVD the week after the night: starting at £400.